Mazda Connect is the perfect way to stay entertained and informed when driving around Canada in your Mazda CX-5. You always get at least a display screen to control your system and the GS and GT trims give you a larger display for better visibility.

Standard Features to Enjoy

Even if you don’t pick a model with an advanced version of Mazda Connect, the CX-5 will give you an AM/FM radio, CD player with MP3 abilities, and auxiliary inputs via an audio jack and USB port. With so many features, entertainment truly isn’t a concern. You can easily listen to music you’ve downloaded or switch through all the different stations your radio has.

Advanced Technology and Mazda Connect

The entertainment system on the CX-5 GS and GT trims includes either 6 speakers or 9 speakers of Bose premium sound. The GT trim also lets you get the most out of your music listening experience with a Centerpoint Surround Sound System and it includes AudioPilot noise compensation. Surround sound gets the music amplified while AudioPilot noise compensation helps to keep the noise filtered from out of the vehicle. These two systems team up to give you the best sound when riding in your Mazda CX-5. These trims also give you an extra USB port, allowing you to utilize more devices when driving your Mazda CX-5. Add the Convenience Package to your CX-5 GX or pick a higher trim and you also get Bluetooth controls right on the steering wheel along with SMS text messaging. This will allow you to stay connected while driving without having to take your hands off of the wheel.

Connecting Your Phone

The easiest way to connect your smartphone to Mazda Connect or any other entertainment system in your 2016 CX-5 is to use Bluetooth. Simply enable Bluetooth on your phone and go to the Bluetooth menu on your car. Select the appropriate Bluetooth device on both your Mazda and phone and you will be set. Now you can drive and answer calls without having to take your hands off of the wheel. If you need help, your local dealership can give you more information.

Additional Technology

Although not technically part of Mazda Connect, you can also add a navigation system as an accessory. The system will be installed by your dealership and appear on the Mazda Connect menu on your 7-inch display. It will allow you to easily enter your destination and to get there without getting lost. It includes real-time traffic updates to help you avoid traffic jams and boost your fuel economy. These two systems can make driving your Mazda CX-5 not only more pleasurable, but more cost effective as well.

For a better idea of everything the technology in your Mazda CX-5 is capable of, stop by your local Mazda dealership. Here our experts can help you learn what technology has been updated and how to use it to make your driving experience more enjoyable.




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